Experience the Timeless Beauty of Mozart’s Flute Concertos with James Strauss, the First Brazilian Flautist to Record Mozart’s Complete Works for Flute.


Cri du Chat Disques, in partnership with Universal Music Group, is thrilled to announce the eagerly anticipated release of “Mozart’s Flute Concertos,” an immersive CD showcasing the accomplished flutist James Strauss, backed by the magnificent Europa Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Ömer Kayhan.

Universally acknowledged as some of the most exquisite and beloved works in the classical music repertoire, Mozart’s Flute Concertos are celebrated for their melodic richness, technical brilliance, and emotional depth. These pieces continue to enchant audiences worldwide. Now, James Strauss, a virtuoso recognized for his unmatched artistry and expressive interpretation, breathes new life into these masterpieces like never before.

This release also marks a significant milestone as James Strauss becomes the first Brazilian flutist to record Mozart’s flute concertos in their entirety. This achievement highlights his rising talent and remarkable musicianship, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the classical music world.

With meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of Mozart’s compositions, James Strauss offers refined and compelling interpretations of these works. His performances capture the essence of Mozart’s flute concertos, spotlighting their beauty, virtuosity, and emotional depth.

The backstory of Mozart’s Flute Concertos is as intriguing as the music itself. Despite his musical genius, Mozart initially harbored an aversion to the flute. In his letters and personal notes, the composer expressed his dislike for the instrument, considering it limited in expressiveness and musical possibilities. He preferred more versatile instruments like the piano or violin. However, a fascinating event occurred when Ferdinand Dejean, a wealthy physician and music enthusiast, commissioned three flute concertos from the young prodigious composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1777, while he was in Mannheim, a musically significant city of the time.

Confronted with the challenge of composing for an instrument he did not favor, Mozart accepted Dejean’s commission. During the composition process, Mozart discovered innovative ways to explore the flute, elevating it to new artistic heights. He found new possibilities for expression and virtuosity within the instrument’s unique characteristics. It is speculated that Mozart’s distaste might have been more towards hearing an amateur play the flute, specifically someone like Ferdinand

Dejean who commissioned the concertos. This theory gains weight considering Mozart’s admiration for Johannes Baptiste Wendling, a renowned flutist of the time whom Mozart thought of as the best he ever knew. Mozart’s preference for Wendling could have caused some frustration when composing concertos for an amateur like Dejean. It is possible that Mozart wished for his compositions to be performed by a flutist of Wendling’s caliber, allowing his music to be truly appreciated and expressed as he envisioned.

This theory helps us understand why Mozart took on the commission of the flute concertos, despite his initial aversion. He saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate to Dejean and the world that the flute could be elevated to a level of musical excellence, even in the hands of an amateur. By overcoming his own limitations and prejudices, Mozart created magnificent works that exceeded expectations and emphasized the versatility and beauty of the flute.

Mozart’s Flute Concertos have become true gems in the flute repertoire, thanks to the composer’s unique ability to find the expressiveness and virtuosity necessary to elevate the instrument to new heights. As you embark on a musical journey with this CD, plunge into fascinating stories, intriguing theories, and, of course, the masterful interpretations of James Strauss, the Europa Chamber Orchestra, and Maestro Ömer Kayhan. Do not miss the opportunity to experience Mozart’s Flute

Concertos like never before. “James Strauss Plays Mozart” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Furthermore, James Strauss has taken up the mantle as A&R Director for Classical Music at Cri du Chat Disques, under the Universal Music banner, in addition to continuing his international solo flutist engagements.

 James Stauss